Kevin O'Brien



Graphic Design to Application Desgin. Either way design is a passion of mine and an integral part of my work over the past 4 years.


Developing Websites and Apps is something I love, Late night coding can be frustrating, but so rewarding!


Video was a huge part of my degree and something I discovered I have a love for

Music & Sound

Writing music is a lifelong passion and has tied in well with digital audio production and other modern media sound skills


Writing is my greatest personal passion. Stories, Poetry, Articles, Scripts, Web Content... I love to write anything and I am good at it too


As part of my degree I was lucky enough to study 3D modelling using Maya which I enjoyed a lot.

I am originally from Dublin and I am currently living in Waterford for the past 5 years. I studied my degree in Multimedia and Application Development at Waterford Institute of Technology. My strongest interests throughout the course were Graphic Design and Video as well as App development. Before I studied here I gained a Higher National Diploma in Popular Music Performance in BCFE Dublin.

I am a creative person and love to express myself in my work. I would love the opertunity to work and learn more about my areas of interest. I feel it would be of great benefit to me and in return I could be of great benefit to any company in this industry. I am always willing to work hard and I feel I can bring something different. I pride myself on my ability to communicate well with others.


Multimedia & Applications


Contemporary Music Perf.

1 Year

Work Experience

Below is a selection of some of my favourite work in the areas I have outlined above.
These areas are Graphic Design, Development, Video, Music & Sound and Writing.

ListLess App

Grocery Shopping list generator app I made in 2014

Project Video by kevin-0-brien

Tommy Hawk Game

Phone app game I made in 2013

Tommy Hawk by kevin-0-brien

Digital Audio Production

The Gathering Advert

A radio advert I made in 2013 for The Gathering

Radio Mashup 2014

Radio Mashup Advert that I made in 2014


"Streets Ahead"

Written by Kevin O'Brien/Dean Delaney

"Mr. Bentley"

Written by Kevin O'Brien/Mathew Mooney

"She's Got Soul"

Written by Kevin O'Brien

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"Please Don't Leave Me Here"

Written by Kevin O'Brien

As I mentioned above, writing has been a lifelong passion of mine. I love nothing more than combining words to create anything from poetry to a story. I also love to write articles too. I have been told I have a natural talent for writing, I don't believe it's natural, I beleive it took work. Below are a selection of some of the things I have written that I particularly like. Feel free to read them at your leisure :-)


Short Stories


Do I have the kind of skills you are looking for?

I feel I can bring a wide range of skills to your comapany, more so than the average graduate. On top of all this I am told I have a strong personality and I am good with clients... So if you are interested in me then...

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Feel free to contact me anytime. You can send me an email or better yet give me a call, I'm easy to talk to and that way you won't have to wait until I eventually get around to checking my mail!

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